Those moments

I recently read about the importance of all kinds of friends. Sharing this article with a new friend, he in turn told me about an indigenous group of people that has many words for friends: the friend you cry to, the friend you socialize with, the friend you pray with, etc. We then discussed the beauty of long distance friendships, balanced by local ones. All types are needed, and even best when merged.

As I sped past the entrance to one of my favorite hiking haunts, I immediately thought of my friend Jared. One simple moment over two years ago, almost always is sparked when I pass that trail head.

That warm day, I was taking a leisurely stroll in the woods, and he called. After happening upon a meadow, I plopped down in it. It was a gorgeous summer day, with the bluest of skies peppered with wispy white clouds. The only thing to have made it better would have been Jared physically sitting there with me.

I recall lying down in the field, looking up at the sky. A calm happiness resided. I was fully in the ‘moment’, even if that moment included my friend’s presence via technology.

Do I remember what we chatted about? Nope. Do I bet it was one of our conversations balancing the everyday happenings of our lives with questioning dialogue of our hopes and dreams? Yep!

Years later, we sit on Skype. I laugh at the unintended Cheshire cat imitation, as my friend is sitting in the dark, save for one small candle, across the world in the Middle East. Every now and again, I can see his glasses fly by me on the screen or a glimpse of his smile. It’s a beautiful day outside, and I’m happily in my apartment, a mid summer Saturday afternoon, chatting with a dear friend. Nothing could pull me from this screen.

And so it is. We don’t need to wait for the best moment to happen. We can be in it now.

****Do you have those places, that no matter what, spark a memory of an ‘average day’? Or, do you have an everyday place that is enshrined as ‘special’ in your mind because of what took place there?***


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