For the Young (Female) Professionals

After a friend posted this article, Why Women are Burning Out at Work Before 30, I knew my life needed to change.

Oh, this is not a new topic for KateSaysYes. We’ve talked about the burn out here. And rust out too. Therefore, it was not that the information in this article was shocking. What was frightening was the young age at which women are now feeling this burden. While I feel that I follow the 8 tips from the article fairly well, there are more to mention.

Colleagues after a weekend conference on modern day slavery. With such a topic, burn out is easy. Supporting each other is a way to stay sane!

Therefore, these are my healthy summer work goals:

  1. Get  a healthy schedule going: Make a plan, then attack it. I know if I don’t start with the more time consuming pieces first the whole day can be unseated.
  2. Start the day off right: Remember that plan? Stick to it! For me, the days I start with personal mediation & reflection are my most grounded. Even better, when I come out of it reconnecting with my dreams, goals, visions, and etc. And then go work on them at my job!
  3. Take breaks. Get outside, if possible, if not just get out of that chair! (I’m currently terrible at this!)
  4. Learn that saying no is saying yes to yourself. You don’t have to be wonder woman.
  5. Don’t leave until you leave.Sheryl Sandburg , COO of Facebook taught me this. Stop thinking about those hypothetical mates, situations, or worse, children. Cross that bridge of ‘what if’ when you get there.
  6. Recharge. This is a personal pet peeve of mine. When you take a vacation, please, please take a vacation. Where I don’t support the idea that not all of us can, I know it is a reality. Regardless, even if you cannot be without your Blackberry for 7 days, then at least make it a few hours each day where you are just relaxing. And if you do this, the rest of us will feel like we can too!
  7. Clean up your act: A clean working environment is a better one. ‘Nuff said.
  8. Forget it all. It’s summer, where its important to be your best when you can- realize perfection isn’t the goal. Balance is!

I’m already feeling more empowered!

Peace out, burn out!


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    • Thank you! I’ve gotten through most of it. I was considering wrapping into this post but decided not too. Lots of things to mull over in that article.

      Happy 4th!

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