My +1 for the Little Guide to Contentedness

Prom date, dinner party, a family wedding. Everyone needs a plus one at some point in life. With that goes weighing the positives and negatives to bringing someone new into a crowd.

But contentedness. Why a plus one for this?

The  Zen Habits Guide to Contentedness is brilliant. But I have an addendum. With mindset goes action. Without it, any level of contentedness is fleeting.

The paramount point I struggle with in the guide is the idea of perfection. I think it is very damaging in our society. Although Leo’s viewpoint is a bit different, believe that perfect is already here, I still cannot fully accept it. Perfect is not of this world- not when there is famine, war, devastation, etc.

Of the pieces I truly appreciate:

  1. Start with now: changing your mind can begin in 3, 2, 1….GO!
  2. Be grateful: write it out!
  3. Savor: Truly enjoy the little moments of joy
  4. Do less: stop rushing about, put down the F.O.M.O. and gain some space

In summary, I agree with Leo. We can start, today in this exact moment, with a mindset change. From there, if we add in small actions, we can learn continued contentedness first hand.

Mindset+ Action =a marriage for lasting contentedness


What do YOU think?

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