Uniting Change and Trust

We are “work’s in progress”. Each one.

In a world that celebrates function, efficiency and effectiveness, our inherent evolution of self is a vast contrast. We are all infinitely imperfect, cascading into who we will be, while brushing up against others along the way.

We all have our own path. Trust it. ~ My wise friend, P.

Through many soul sharing conversations this week, one theme kept resonating with my fellow questioners of different backgrounds, ages, accomplishments, and goals in life:

Be mindful of uniting our desire for change with our ability to trust.

While I can focus on what needs to be ‘fixed in my life, or changed to better accept the future, there needs to be a strong balance with trust. Having faith that the road will lead me, that I’ll be ready for the things that I wish for, and able to deal with others, is the key. It’s the old adage of the Serenity prayer, asking for acceptance, courage, and wisdom, while we go about.

One day, I might just get this ‘living’ thing down. Until then, I smile at the revelation that this journey is not over. Nor is our formation. And that’s a most wondrous thing.


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