Hungering for the will

Hunger is no longer viewed as something endemic that will take decades to address through long-term economic growth and “development,” but as a problem that can be actually solved quickly if adequate responses are put in place.

A-MEN! Discovered while reading through this report at work, I appreciate the authors’ analysis of certain responses to this problem. However, a statement like this irks me. We have the ability in the world to end hunger. When will we have the will?


Let’s do something.

Willing the Will: A call to action. : I encourage you all to do at least one of these in the next week. Let us know how it goes by commenting!

  1. Advocate: Write to your congress person about the Farm Bill, SNAP benefits, or general food policy.
  2. Give: Donate food to a local pantry. For inspiration, visit Generous Savings.
  3. Share: Donate your abundance from your garden or CSA to a pantry, check out Ample Harvest.
  4. Educate: Learn more, by reading the above report, or following a few great blogs, such as: Food Politics, Mark Bittman ,Meatless Monday, Michael Pollan, or Politics of the Plate .
  5. Remember: Honor others by your actions- be it at grace, in fasting,  in mediation, or in your daily encounters with others. Avoid ignorance and choose to be in solidarity.

There are solutions. Let this be the moment, now.


What do YOU think?

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