Book Review: What is the What

The past two months, I’ve been reading “What is the What”, a fantastically gripping account of one man’s life as a Lost Boy of Sudan. Dave Eggers beautifully weaves Achak’s ife in Sudan with his present struggle in Atlanta. To know one man’s account as a refugee is to open your eyes to the dark corners of this world.

Putting the book down each time from witnessing heart wrenching event after event, my emotions are ineffable. Thankfully, my friend and colleague gave me the words: “When I close “What is the what”, I’m grateful and angry at the same time.”

How true her sentiments ring.  I’m so appreciative of the life I’ve lived, but immediately so numbed by the horrors another has lived. Out of frustration a few times, I’ve even said that those who enjoy “The Hunger Games”, should read “What is the What”.  A true life version.

I wrote back to my colleague, saying “My thoughts exactly, although haven’t been able to share it- so thank you. Let that gratefulness and anger at injustice continue to motivate us”.

Knowledge, even if it’s hard/raw/painful, is power.

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