alanis and tap out

Maybe its just that I’m a child of the 90’s, but I think Alanis has got the angry music award locked up. Never to be handed over again.

After rediscovering a long lost cd, circa 6th grade, I put it on during a drive.

And all I really want is some patience A way to calm the angry voice

And all I really want is deliverance

I’m frustrated by your apathy

And I am frightened by the corrupted ways of this land If only I could meet the Maker

All I really want is some peace man a place to find a common ground

And all I really want is a wavelength

All I really want is some comfort A way to get my hands untied

And all I really want is some justice…

Selected lyrics from All I Really Want In this recent post, “The only way out is through“, Todd shares that Buddhists believe that life is pain. Alanis’ of my youth would agree.  Ouch.Yet, true. Todd writes:

Buddhists philosophy states that life is pain. I once thought that idea was quite sad and defeatist. If life is pain, why bother?

Exactly my thoughts. Why bother! I mean, imagine if we could just tap out. By this, I’m referring to a great improv game that allows you to tap out a character if you’d rather be in the scene. I mean heck, people, wouldn’t you loved to get ‘tapped out’ during some of the crap-idy crap? But then, Todd continues:

Now I see how I have misunderstood the idea. Of course life is pain. Life is struggle and struggle is painful. But, the struggle is the point. … Live in the struggle.

Today, I wonder. Is the road to peace paved by the path of frustration, anger, injustice, or struggle? Or, can peace be found in all those moments? And if so, is there then peace in the struggle?

I venture to think so… but until then, I’ve got Alanis in the tape deck, and hopefully a long road ahead.


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