Called to…commute?

Is it only confidence that is lacking as to why we fail to make a change ?  Whether it is a change scenery, jumping out of a plane, or just starting a new course?

Recently, a friend, T, was sharing how his friend spent the last two years volunteering in South America. This friend himself did a year of service work domestically, and now works in a large metropolitan area for a small corporation. His friend, by contrast, is still living and working with the poor.

Another friend P added that it takes enormous amounts of courage to do these things. I sat back and then said, “Yes, it does take courage. But it also takes a calling, a willingness. I’m not being called to work in Santiago. It’s not because I can’t, am scared, or more. It’s because I’m not called to it.”

To this, T said something strikingly profound: “Maybe I’m called to commute at the moment.”

And it may be so. T is on a path, not hopping from one destination to another. His vocation right now may not only NOT be to be in Santiago, but to be right where he is today.

Again, we are works in progress. We are becoming us. Let that be.

The world doesn’t need another Mother Teresa.
The Church doesn’t need another Francis of Assisi.
The world needs you.
~ Unknown.

What do YOU think?

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