Until they are done, and go.

I am my mother’s daughter.


On a recent walk, Mom started collecting some of the remnants of fall. Bringing these bold leaves home, Dad immediately saw them and sighed. His infamous phrase in our house is “Just chuck it”. When he asked Mom what she is going to do with the leaves she said, “Enjoy them. Just enjoy them ’til they are done. Then they can go.”  Half-heartedly, he encouraged her to let that night be the moment they were ready… since it was in fact garbage night.


Days later I’m taking a walk during lunch. Walking swiftly, I am trying to get my body moving while giving my brain a break.  But it’s freezing cold, even with my two sweaters.

Fiery reds and autumn titians surround.  I see a gorgeous leaf. Being my father’s daughter, I walk right past it. Then, sheepishly smiling, I return to retrieve it. With Mom in mind  two more land in my bag before the day is done.



Fall is the season of change.

Modifying, preparing, even elements of dying are all encountered in fall. It reminds us that not everything in life is lasting. Heck, most of it is fleeting. This journey is long. While the colors, the seasons, may come around again, they will be different.

And yet, whether its the beautiful in life or the struggle, the omnipresent person or the momentary character, isn’t Mom’s belief a universal instruction?

With all things in life- enjoy them until they are done and they can go.


3 responses

  1. I love this post and I love that your mom picked up the leaves just to, “enjoy them.” When I was a kid I’d bring home pretty leaves or shells and just enjoy them and then eventually get rid of them. It’s kind of a shame that most of us have outgrown that.

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