Wrap up & [hold me tight]

Days ago…, 2012

The day after. Those are normally monumental.

Today was not. Well, aside from the early first snowfall, the biggest snowflakes of my life, it was not. Working with my back to the window, I can still see the reflection of snow illuminated on my screen. That first early snowfall. The biggest snowflakes of my life. I tug my pashmina around me tight. Warding off the cold, looking for normalcy, and bringing comfort.

The previous night more not great news blew our way. Hugs and tears, the sharing of this burden felt. Out of the blue. And my loving dad tried to mitigate its significance and protect me from life’s adjustment.

As I turn to watch today’s snow fall, I realize some truths.

Life is still good. Love still prevails. And hope still marches on.

And in those moments where the good, the love, and the hope are hard to find. Well, I will wrap up and hold on tight. Because comfort helps us heal, helps us move on, helps us live this moment.


Wrap up with a nice warm blanket or sweater during these chilly days. If you have extra’s, please consider sharing that comfort. To find a local coat drive, visit One Warm Coat.


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