Not Ready.

[I read]. [I reflect]. [I research].                                            But ready?

That I am not.


A recent post piqued my interest. The focus was on how you can help fight Alzheimer’s. Sounds like me, right?

But I am not ready.

As the Registry says: “By joining the Alzheimer’s Prevention Registry, you are helping in the fight to end Alzheimer’s. The Registry is a community of people interested in the possibility of participating in Alzheimer’s prevention studies, now or in the future. Every person who joins will greatly accelerate our research and improve our chances of ending Alzheimer’s before we lose another generation”.

I write letters to Congress and the President. I tell others of the incredible public health burden we are facing in terms of Alzheimer’s.  I read new reports. I eat and exercise mindful of this disease. I share our story.

But today, I’m not ready for more.

At the moment, I’m tapped. There is only so much that I can constantly fight. This disease is ever present in my life, for better, for worse. It’s lurking in the corners, its out right in front of me, it plays in the background, but never really leaves. I am not ready to take a step that reminds me . I am not ready to take a step that forever boils up that my life might be tied to Alzheimer’s fate.

So until I am ready, maybe some of you can take this step. Maybe you can light the way for the Registry.

Because today I accept that I can’t.


2 responses

  1. It’s very brave of you to acknowledge that you’re not ready. A lot of people would join the registry because they felt that they were supposed to whether they’re emotionally ready for it or not. As you say, hopefully those who are ready will join and the rest of you will be ready on your own time table.

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