At the corner of city and country

I love my little town.

Walking down the street and running into a friend I hadn’t seen in a few months. Strolling into little shops on our main drag. Being able to walk, even if I don’t take enough advantage of it. Rarely being able to be out and NOT see someone that I know. It brings all these wonderful pieces of community to me.

I love that I have a backyard and a porch, to see the sky, hear nothing but the birds chirp away, or the poochie down stairs. If I forget to grab something at the store, I walk a few feet around the corner into the market. If I want a big night in the city- I’m just a train or bus ride away. If I want to stay local, I walk downtown to a groovy coffee shop or crazily electric bar with my favorite drink (it has sorbet in it!) I have green, local, fresh, organic, and socially conscious goods all at my finger tips.

Part of the reason I loved living in Syracuse was in 5 minutes I could be in the city center, ready to see a show, go on an interview, or pretend I was still a college kid at a packed bar. While in 15 minutes, I could be in the rolling country, passing beautiful farms and arrive at a majestic State park.

Where I work today has a corny, but true tag line of “Where city and the suburbs meet”. This town is trying to say it’s a step up from the ‘burbs, but still close enough to be metropolitan like it’s big cousin, NYC. And it is.

But suburbia? I unabashedly LOVE you. I’ve tried not to- but I do, I just do! I adore my little town because it is the best of everything I love, all tied up in one.

To be at the intersection of so many wonderful places- it’s the best place to be. My heart’s address will always be at the corner of city and country. That’s home to me.


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