The Right to Know.

Someone I know, that I love deeply, has toyed with the idea of the Right to Know. Now, whilst I might also pen a food info blog, work for food justice, and all around have a passion for sustainable food- this is not the Right to Know that was on your ballot form last month.

It’s the right to know about your potential future.

I read this article¬† – and thought, “Yup this is EXACTLY why I have no interest in getting tested. Plus, I wouldn’t be able to handle such a diagnosis”. I also do not think it is yet available for my age range when lacking symptoms.

But my loved one. She wants to know. And shouldn’t she have that right?

Sure, I can bemoan and wish that there was more funding for a cure; or get frustrated by the day to day losing of my mom. But maybe a cure comes from prevention which can come from knowing more about signs and symptoms. Which can come from getting a genetic test.

And even if that reasoning fails to be true, maybe she needs to know. We sure are different people, but just because I can’t know, doesn’t mean she shouldn’t . For her, maybe it would bring understanding, knowledge, peace or acceptance. And who am I to say no to those?

I’m happy not knowing… but I would not be happy if she didn’t have her right to know.

(And on your birthday, know I love and adore you- you are one special, amazing lady!)


What do YOU think?

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