Get to know me

Awhile back, (Oh gosh, almost a year ago) Alli utilized this great meme. Here’s my take:
March 23, 2012

I am a strong sassy woman.
I think  a lot.
I know there is much goodness in this life.
I wish there was less pain and poverty.
I hate very very few things.
I miss my Nana.
I fear a life not well lived.
I hear many say they will do the important things…tomorrow.
I smell fresh made cookies!
I crave good food. All the time.
I search for things & people I find interesting
I wonder whether people will find this post interesting.
I regret not much. A lesson I have taken from my Dad!
I love lots- friends, family, places, and more.
I ache for a world that stops pointing fingers and starts lending a hand.
I am not a ‘crazy bleeding heart’. I’m a human who cares.
I believe in a loving God and our ability to live into a better world.
I dance very well, thank you!
I sing nearly every day.
I cry whenever I need to.
I fight poverty, injustice, and hunger.
I win over kids by making them laugh. I also like this game called, “I win.
I lose stuff in my purse a lot.
I never avoid saying I love you.
I always try to begin my mornings in meditation.
I confuse  g and j when spelling aloud.
I listen to others. It is the best way to learn.
I can usually be found enjoying life.
I am scared of large animals.
I need love.
I am happy. Yup!
I imagine a world that can live as one. Thanks, John!


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