Step out. COMMIT.

It’s 11:43. On a Monday night. I should be in bed, and yet my mind is active. I sat down to read my latest book, a detailing of the British empire. But truths came to me. So I had to write.

“Step out. No thinking. Just do it. And Commit”.

These are phrases often heard in an improv setting. Basically, get out of your head, what you think is ‘right’, and don’t let fear stop you. But the one that hit me tonight, as I sat on my couch with my brain a-buzz…


So often in my improv life, I brush up on aspects I think I have under control: saying yes, or trust. But then moments happen. Life happens. And I’m aware that in improv and in my journey of living, I could do even more with these ideals.

Commit. Sure, from the outside I look like a pretty decent committ-er. Twelve years of Girl Scouts, endless years in theater, strong & vibrant relationships. And often, I vacillate. I dither. I act indecisive.

What does that look like? Both on the stage and in the present, it looks like crap. It delays motion. It affects relationships. It stifles growth.

This is not a punitive post; rather self-realization. Committing is scary. It’s intense. It’s dicey. It’s also sacred. Beautiful. Challenging.

And most of all….

committing is worth the risk.

So, in a ten minute, stream of consciousness post from my inner self, what have I realized?

  • Improv brings beautiful lessons to the forefront of my life.
  • Commitment is terrifying.
  • But, without it, I’d miss out on some of the most beautiful blessings.

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