A 2012 Review

So I might be a month (and a half)  late with this run-down, but honestly I knew that I would have a hard time. For me, 2012 was a really great year. Yes, it definitely had it’s bumps and bruises, but far better than is predecessor. Plus, it was a year of lighting fast self growth.

So, some of my most favorite moments and events!


  • Dream trip to Italy!
  • Vegas- baby. (That’s all I can say about that one!)
  • Skiing trips
  • Private tennis lessons
  • Getting into rock climbing with cousin
  • Marching in NYC St Patrick’s Day Parade !
  • Seeing Meatloaf with Dad


  • Being published!
  • Writing Group
  • Taking improv classes 2x week
  • 2 major work successes
  • Hosting 2 Jazz nights at my place with new friends
  • Getting to organize a show in NYC: Same Fate As the Poor

And so much more!

Here’s to 2013: a toast to peace and all good in your worlds!


What do YOU think?

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