Resources for your pure life

Committing to a safe and sustainable way of living sounds great. However, chances are if you have ever tried to put this idea into practice, you have been overwhelmed.

Not only is is a question of where do you start (with your food, clothes, oil consumption, investments?) but also where do you find the research (a government agency, a friend, the newspaper?). I have been there. I feel your pain and frustration.

A few things I have learned along the way:

  • Start slow. Lifestyle changes can be hard, but if you start with one change, you are more likely to keep at it, as well as realize overall change is possible.
  • Keep your resources. Bookmark your research and revisit it.
  • Find a partner in crime. Be it your spouse, or a friend half a world away, when you have someone else to talk this through, it seems more possible.

For me, I truly appreciate the Environmental Working Group’s website. Four years ago, I discovered their rankings for sunscreen. With a ‘peaches and cream’ complexion, I use sunscreen a lot. I sure want one that is safe. Then once I went vegetarian, I wanted to ensure that my fruit and vegetable intake was safe as well. So I put a copy of their Dirty Dozen / Clean 15 chart in my wallet. Now, I’ve got it memorized. Furthermore, you can bet that before I buy a new cosmetic item, I check out its rating here.

Earlier this month, EWG released their new website layout. Now you can easily find information. Whether it be on  farm subsidies, toxins and BPA ,or the most sustainable meat to eat, it is now all at your fingertips.

Start today- with these guides, finding your sustainable living-style will be much easier!



These are just my thoughts and musings on a great site. I do not have contributions from EWG.

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