It’s the journey- five wise things to let go.

It’s the journey.
My lovely lady of wisdom, Petro, turned me on to the PurposeFairy site. One of my first discoveries was a well written piece on “Letting Go: 5 Limiting Beliefs Blocking Your Happiness” 5 simple things, yet so tough.
I still work on these  thoughts- and love their wisdom!
  • #2: I have learned these last few years, “just because it feels bad, doesn’t mean it IS bad“.
  • And oh, #3. How I wish it were true…and still fall prey to!
  • #5, I think I have learned about you in a piecemeal fashion.


It’s the journey, and these are good, hard lessons to take with.


4 responses

  1. To quote one of my favorite artists, “It doesn’t matter how fast I get there. It doesn’t matter what’s waiting on the other side. It’s the climb.”

    PS- I’m only a little bit kidding. I really do love me some Miley and I really do think The Climb has a great message.

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