Working for Gratitude during loss.

Oh, happy Monday! With a title like this, I hope not to have scared you away.

Tonight, I sit in my beautiful, peaceful, perfect little apartment. This abode has seen me through some life lessons in our relatively short time together. But it’s biggest blessing of all is space. Space to breathe, to cry, to mourn, to dance, to celebrate, to reflect, to find joy.

Honestly, to find me.

Just days ago, I ran around my kitchen and living room doing a happy dance for receiving some fun news. Tonight, I curled up in my hand-me down lazy boy and cried. And collapsed.

How do we find a way to be grateful when we are sad? I don’t think there is a foolproof plan or an 8-step course to take. But, I do think it is important to try.


Tonight’s lessons: They might always or never again be redone, but they hold wisdom all the same:

Knowing we need to grieve, or cry, or be angry helps. It authenticates our experience. It lets us be human and real. And one day, might allow us to be compassionate to another who walks a similar path.

Sitting in the silence helps too. It gives that space, be it physical like my apartment, or emotional as we may need.

Talking to others. Just by interacting with a kind soul, gratitude might peak out from a corner of yourself and break down that sense of loneliness.

A smile. When I can smile through tears, my heart warms a bit. It allows me to still be gentle with my sad self, but also brings in that peaceful hopefulness, and a calming realization even for just a moment.

With every loss in life, may gratitude seep back in.


What do YOU think?

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