All I want…

“Let me live, love and say it well in good sentences.”
― Sylvia PlathThe Bell Jar

There are few things in life that I fear that I could not learn to live without. Sylvia’s quote illuminates much of that desire- let me live a good full life, and find ways to express that gratitude.

A few journeys ago, I discovered my first quote from this author. It was inscribed in my journal. I loved it so that I ripped it right out of my own holy book. To this day, it lives on the computer screen at my office.

“I would be forced shivering into a new, unfamiliar world, where I had to forge new friends and a home for myself, and although such experiences are painful and awkward at first, I know that they are the best things to make one grow–always biting off just a bit more than you chewed before and finding to your amazement that you can, when it comes right down to it.” -Sylvia Plath

Adventures, new or old, bring challenges.  They are often those ones that scare us so, or intimidate just enough that we find any reason to put them off. You can’t audition for that role, because it might upset your work/life balance. You can’t make that big move because it means a new job. You can’t change that lifestyle choice because it’s just too hard.

There is so much that I feel that I need: so many people, so many experiences, so many gifts. This life is abundantly rich. And although I might want it all, I certainly don’t need it.

Time to jump out of the comfortable, past all we think we need, to discover what truly is for us.

Are you in?


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