Risk- what do-gooders need

Risk. Shudder. This is not an ideal that comforts me. Quite the opposite. Heck, I never played the board game and  grimace at the thought of adding more of this to any portfolio.Where I am not fully risk averse, I do prefer very strongly calculated risk. Honestly, trying to push myself past the point of comfort is a huge reason that I do improv.

But now, I see that even in my safety-net of “happy cohort of NGO ‘do-gooder’s” we need risk. Why?

Because being safe fails to bring about large, systemic change.

Take this recent article in the Huffington Post. After this caught my eye, I sat back. Re-read it. Then forwarded it to friends. Why? Because all I kept thinking was “wow”. This rocks me. I like safe. I like control. I like doing good, and not harming others. And yet, will these restrictions curb the change I, we, seek?


Do we support risk in non-profits?

Do we seek only measurable outcomes?

Do funders encourage risk?

All wise questions as we stumble through the world.


2 responses

  1. I think we fear risk because we don’t want to make mistakes. I think we fear risk because it represents the unknown. You’re right. We want control. We want safety. And yet, how often do we wonder about the path not taken? Risk can lead to amazing places that are hard to reach by any other path.

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