Question, authentically.

“Live, authentically, the questions.”

My spiritual director recently implored this of me. Wow. Tall order.

Moving from that child-like, dependent and all trusting to faith to this vastly opaque world, is rough. A place without clear right and wrong, truth and fiction, love and destruction. This muddled world is riddled with thousands of shades of grey.

So, what is my authenticity you ask?

To live this journey. To be real, honest, and raw if need be. That’s all I’ve got for today.

And while I do truly believe we are infinitely ‘works in progress‘, I wish the uncomfortable state would pass quicker. Because, I’m human. And hey, that’s authentic too.



“As long as you wrestle, honestly, with these questions, this is all that can be asked of us”. That wise S.D. of mine

Are you questioning? Are you patient in your unresolved pieces?

What do YOU think?

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