“It’s all ok”

“It’s all ok ” is  threadbare and diluted.  It seems as if it has been everywhere- homilies, little plaques with kitschy phrases, a throw away comment from a stranger.

The reality is there are moments, events, in life that just utterly rob us. Twisters that kill, diseases that destroy, accidents that alter everything. And life changes. Radically.

With these themes in mind, I went to the mat. During tonight’s yoga class, our teacher asked us to come into Vrksasana, tree pose. This is a typical balancing pose, one where some days you may be able to hold it no matter how many yogis around you keep falling out. And other days, you can’t find your balance for a second.

But today, our teacher turned up the music and asked us to snap our fingers. Then to sway. Then dance, all while holding the pose. “Drop the rigidity. Stop clenching. If you fall, so you fall. Just like trees, those of us that can move with the wind and seasons are the  ones that remain”.

And there it was- the message of the day. Adapt and survive. Or fear moving and one day fall.

So I have realized, Life is not ok. It’s better, and sometimes it is far worse. Yet, if we cling to whatever rigidity we have we be more prone to fall. But if we can sway through life’s events, we might thrive.

And heck, I bet we find even more moments in which to dance.


2 responses

  1. I’m printing this out and carrying it with me from now on. A necessary reminder (or a necessary kick in the butt). Thank you for sharing your wisdom!! 🙂

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