Sleep right

As a former insomniac, I am always drawn to various schoolds of thought on sleep hygenie issues. In the throws of my insomnia, it was difficult to hear the traditional (and over tried!) suggestions of “drink warm milk” or the “just sleep more when you can” ideas.

Hence, when I saw this slideshow, I was thriled. It highlights many of the techniques I support.

Personally, I’ll hightlight these:

Get out of bed: it may seem counter-intuative, but it works. The longer you lie in bed, not sleeping and thinking about how you should be sleeping, the worse off you will be! You can re-train your brain to equate bed with sleep, but only if you take that overactive mind out of bed when the wheels start turning.

Snooze button: Ask my college roomies, but I have always loathed this invention. Why interupt my precious sleep when I can just sleep to that point and then get up?

Many of the others were not aspects I struggled with but still are helpful. So if you are struggling with sleep, check out these tips!


*Remember none of this should be take as medical advice. If you are battling with insomnia, see a doctor*.


What do YOU think?

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