My Mommy

Someone recently said to me: “You are sad”. A few days later another said “Of course, she is your Mommy”. There was no feeling of “ouch”, or laughing it off. These statements were radically simple and radically true.

Yes, I’m sad. I’m grieving. And it made sense to hear someone else recognize it.

Simply put, my mom is suffering from a crappy disease and it makes me sad.


While reading “The Ten Biggest Myths About Grief”, I was floored by a simple line:

Grieving is a wilderness experience. It looks and feels like chaos.

Wow. Ain’t that the truth?! This process is slow, and happens when I can reflect on life and what is happening. It also heaves tons of emotions on: anger, frustration, denial, sadness. I can’t rush it, no one else grief will look like mind. But its normal. It’s natural.

She’s my Mommy.


This weekend, we will celebrate a milestone birthday (and uhhh yes, even though she would not know I said it, my Mom, the Mom of years past and of today, would NEVER want me to share her age : ) ). Family will be in town and we will celebrate. Celebrate Mom, our family, and the goodness that we can share.

While I may be sad and grieving, there are still moments of life to enjoy. To savor. To live.  And I am.

But some days, some moments, that wilderness appears, the ‘crazy’ flood of emotions ensue. And it stinks.

And it should, because she is my Mommy.


Cheers to you, Mom, on your special day.


Do you have any experience with grief? What has been your healthy way to deal with it?

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