Me will live in the moment

I signed onto Facebook (while avoiding the current moment….and homework) and my favorite author had posted this:


inspirational cookie monster Inspirational Cookie Monster



I love it. Being in the moment is one of the central themes of improv. Be here, don’t plan, don’t force creation, let what is going to unfold, unfold!

This past week was again a bit stressful- this time it was about planning the next 18 months with school and what specialization I will chose. BF said to me, “Why not just take the improv approach? Jump fully in, commit, and see what happens”.

I fought back- saying I don’t want to mess this up, it’s too expensive of a ‘mistake’ yadda yadda yadda.

I still don’t have an answer to that problem  opportunity, but you know what? For today, I’m going to practice the mindfully being in the moment. Being here, not wherever I’m supposed to be in two hours, two days or two years from now. Here.

Because here is where it counts.

And if I “fail” at this? Well, I’ll pull out a box of cookies to bring me back to savoring the moment.



What do YOU think?

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