This great, big, beautiful mess

7:42 am: Watching on my favorite TV sitcom/drama and I realized “I’m grateful for these challenges”.

Back up.

I was awake, at 6:30 am on a Saturday. Watching TV to wake up my brain for a 2 hour practice midterm test, seeing these fictional character’s problems and wishing they were mine: fighting about their ‘perfect’ families, stressing about new adventures, etc.

And then I remembered my own, and thought I’m so grateful. For my challenges, for the supportive friends and families in my life, for this opportunity to learn, for this chance to grow, for this chance to strech myself beyond what I thought capable or would like.

And don’t we need moments of serene gratefulness, like these?

Sometimes I think too much into the future- will this happen, what will life look like, what do I need to do now to make the future happen? But today’s thought reminded me to stay here. In this moment: hard, challenging, wonderful, or not.

So this great big ,beautiful mess that is oh-so-the-current-moment-of-my-life? I’m grateful today. It’s making me grow. It’s making me find strength.

Where it all (hopefully) comes together!

Where it all (hopefully) comes together!

(Wow, grateful, even for a minute, for the challenges in life? If that’s not growth, I don’t know what is!)


What do YOU think?

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