Wisdom from a friend

Change is scary…but it is also good. Take it from my friend, Ellen. This woman is fiercely brave, passionate and loving. Among her many talents, she is a phenomenal story teller. We met a few years ago and I love reading her blog posts and following her adventures.

On this recent post, Ellen opens us up to a time of great transition in her life. By drawing in lessons from the past (through her Columbus Day revelations) she shares:

My new meaning of Columbus Day is not only about embracing failure, but embracing the journey.  It is about the unknown.  Trusting the unknown in this moment however it may be unfolding, knowing all will be well.

Yes, change is scary. Its the unknown, the risks that feel bigger than life itself.

But somewhere, we find the courage, the rational (or irrational) thought that it will all be ok. And we go forward.

Who’s ready to take that leap?

What do YOU think?

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