Lead me

Sometime in September….

The other day was tough with my Mom. My Dad and sis were feeling ill, and my plan to visit was a good thing.

I went over and we decided to go on a walk, so she could get out of the house for a bit. I took Mom to one of my favorite places, this path along a lake in the reservation. It’s fairly flat, just a few bumps and pebbles.

We did well the first half, but when we turned around to come back, it was different. I had been holding Mom’s hand so ensure no trips or falls. Turning direction always is confusing, and I understand. Mom had been asking me to walk longer, but I knew she might tire out and didn’t want to be too far from the car.

When we started back, she felt we had been walking too long. She took up a high speed, which made me nervous for those trips and falls. I kept asking to slow down, then it became imperative! I was frustrated, so was she. She kept pulling me along, meandering on our path.

Through the frustration, I did see the irony. Mom is leading me. While I’m not ready for the moments of role reversal that have happened, they are here.

But Mom leads me.  Even in these moments. The ones of frustration, doubt, sadness, and confusion.

And shouldn’t that be so? This is her journey, and her path.

So lead on, Mom. We are right there with you.


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