learn to love the ride

This day began with some guilty pleasure tv watching while ignoring party dishes in the sink. Then, it was off to ‘meet’ with Brig and Katie and our special guest, Ellen. As you may know, Ellen is a fantastic blogger and a creativity coach. We three and Ellen journeyed through a group creativity coaching session.

Weaving improv, art, current life situations, and frustrations, writing, breathing, our creativity blocks, and how to support each other, we soared. It was refreshing. I miss these girls and our once monthly chats and this was a great revving of our engines. Heck, isn’t that how every Saturday morning should start?!


As of late, I’ve been plowing through United States of Tara. The theme song is phenomenal and the message is better:

So how do we learn this all important task of appreciating your journey? Um…. I don’t know! I have yet to ‘figure’ it out, but I am pretty sure I will live into my answer on this question.

Often, if we let it, this can be a lesson art teaches. How to let go. How to stop trying to paint the perfect picture, stop refusing to call ourself an actress since it’s been years since we’ve hit the stage, how to just let the juices flow without expectation. When we take out that naysayer, that cop in our head who polices and judges our actions, we are left open and vulnerable, a great place for the flame of both life and art to spark.

Then it can “…all be fine…when we learn to love the ride”.


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  1. I like :All be fine…when we learn to love the ride.” It should be a bumper sticker. You seem to have a great creative support group! As you said, “Shouldn’t every Saturday start that way?” My answer is ‘yes’!

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