Isn’t it easy…

Isn’t it easy to get swept away in the busyness of life? Isn’t it so much harder to sit back, and take a breath.

For me, improv often is that reminder to ‘be in the moment’, to ‘listen to my scene partner’, to not ‘plan ahead’ and to accept. And its tough….and it’s also key to survival thrive-al ( 🙂 )

However, the other night improv was not my pull back into the calm in my life. It was day 2 of my second semester of graduate school. Although I had a wonderful day at a taping of a popular talk show, I was in (physical) pain and stressed out. I started to become too tunnel-vision-esque with school and all the to-do’s. Adding in an improv rehearsal felt wrong. It would accelerate my energy late into the night, not bring me back to a fun and laughter filled pace.

So. I listened. And instead, I went to yoga.

For many of you, this may seem like nothing. But for me, I must admit this was semi-huge. For it allowed me to:

1. Listen fully to what  I needed

2. Recognize that while yes, I had promised myself I would not operate this semester in such a panic-ridden place, it was starting to happen. And that was ok….but in this moment I could also change the direction and

3. Let others be (potentially) mad at me

And yoga was great My friend X was teaching and I worked some things out on the mat to refocus the internal self so that I could launch off again into the wider world.

So, while it can be so easy to be swept away in the crazy of each day, we must celebrate the small moments of change. The ones that allow us to step back and find our peace.

Namaste, kiddos, namaste.


2 responses

  1. Can totally relate to listening to what your body needs now rather than moving on automatic. Kudos to you for recognizing that yoga was what was calling you and needed your yes!

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