Feb 13, 2013

 You Are My Sunshine

I went to visit Mom. She wasn’t having the greatest of days.

My only sunshine.

After just coming in from lunch, she again wanted to go out. I offered to take her shopping.

You make me happy

She quickly pushed the cart, and I dashed around, finding the items we needed. She greeted the checkout lady by name, and it was reciprocated. Small talk, big talk, appreciation of a job well done and smiles on both their faces.

When skies are grey.

On the ride home, we sang. I first asked if she remembered how she sang to us as kids, and if she remembered this lullaby (an unfair question). She said no, but the minute I began to sing, she joined right in.

You’ll never know, dear

Further along our trek and after a few rounds, Mom joked about how appropriate this song was for the day- a frigid cold one, but with a gorgeous bright blue sky and sun a’shining. Oh, and how we can change the last line to ‘take the SNOW away’!

How much I love you.

And there she was. Sunshine, she reminded me, was her nickname. There was Mom.

Please don’t take my
 Sunshine away. 


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