Seth Rogen, a man child with heart

Americans whisper the word Alzheimers because their government whispers the word Alzheimer’s. … It is not enough. It needs to be yelled and screamed to the point to finally get the attention and funding it deserves and needs.

I am not sure I could love this man more…

He hits the major points:

  • Lack of hope (only disease in the top 10 without at cure, prevent, or slow down its progression).
  • This is the most expensive disease in terms of care.
  • We need help. Every family that is affected by this disease needs more help.

Seth, you are right…it does give me hope that you speak up and care enough to trek to D.C. Heck, if this man-child starts a charity, imagine what we can all do.


Don’t want to worry about Alz in your future? Then support legislation and funding to stop this disease




What do YOU think?

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