When words fail…

We say thanks.

Thanks for all the love and support from all corners of the earth.

Thanks for the trays of food, bouquets of flowers, and a cleaning service(!).

Thanks for the love of friends new and old, ones who focus on making us smile and ones that offer a shoulder for burdens.

Thanks for the phone calls, texts, emails, and instantaneous visits.

Thanks for being a rock, a shoulder, an advocate, a friend, a sister, a cousin, an aunt or uncle, or even a dance-off partner.

Thanks for the understanding and compassion.

Thanks for patience and prayers.

If you haven’t heard me utter these words directly to you yet, know that I mean them. Though the past ten days have been surreal, I am constantly taken aback by the utter goodness from hundreds of people. Despite the circumstance, you all lift us up. 

And while random blog editing, I stumbled upon this post. How similar, in time, circumstances, and feeling, that March three years ago is to today.

May we never stop learning….even from ourselves.



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