What it means to fail.

November 2013


I don’t fail. Snotty, stuck up… but 100% true. I’m decently risk adverse, I do try new things. …. but full on failure, I don’t let it happen. For whatever reason, it feels like its not me. And I want to change that.

My cousin and I had plans to go rock climbing. We hadn’t been in months, and I hadn’t slipped on a harness since my amazing time in Maine. But when we got to the gym, the crowds disausded us.

So maybe we failed at rock climbing that night, but we succeeded in growing even closer. We chatted about failure, and how it offers wonderful lessons. How no life should be void of this….and what I would do to make sure I was failing.

By the time we left, we had a great list of “things to attempt, and maybe fail at” so that I can learn that failing is not the end of the world. Rather the beginning of a new lesson.

First one on the list….karoke.

And just like that, I booked my birthday at a karaoke bar.


What do YOU think?

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