This is faith.

March 27th, 2014

Tonight, I had PROMISED myself I would get to bed earlier. It is 2 hours past that time 🙂

But amazing things happened and I had to write.


1. I went to a movie documentary viewing with friends at my young adult group. It was on forgiveness. I left early, but ended up talking to my friend Steve for almost 40 minutes. We shared some of our struggles, some similar hospital stories and moments of sad empathy. But it was so heartening…I needed that convo more than I knew.

2. I received a note from my dear friend from my time in FrancisCorps. Despite how long it has been since we have seen each other (almost 2 years), his letter was so rich, so heartfelt. After living with some in community for a year, sharing interests and losses, dreams for the future, and struggle over the food budget, you are just connected in a deep and meaningful way. N’s compassion is a deep as anyone’s I have ever met. Hence his lifting my family up in prayer is so peace giving.

3. I received a mass card from Catholic Relief Services, an organization I idolize and where I am lucky enough to have a mentor. It blew me away to receive such a beautiful card and heartfelt note to pass on to my Dad. He is going to love this…and be blown away that the organization he has sponsored for years, remembers him at their headquarters!


So what are all these things? Evidence of faith. Faith in community, faith in each other, faith in sharing our burdens so as to walk this road together. For me, this is a core tenant in having faith…to go to the depths one has not gone before, but know deeply that you are not alone.


Thank you P, S, N, and M!


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