For the love I have received

One of my dear friends gifted this beautiful note, a giving key and message. Her thoughts on hope, grace, and strength were so impactful.

Truth be told, this dear friend is one of my mentors. A work colleague I so admire that when leaving my position and people asked what I wanted to do with my Master degree, I said “Be Nadira”. Yes, yes I cannot ‘be’ another person, but that is how much I appreciate this woman.

So to receive a note of hope and love and a reminder to be Fearless, was just deeply touching.




I immediately put on the reminder of fearlessness, knowing this will hang from my neck for quite some time as a reminder of who I was a few months ago, who I am know, and who I will grow to be. And a reminder to do it all not in fear, but in love.

To live without fear…what a sharing of love that I have received.


What do YOU think?

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