Just a day

Awaken. Lovely morning, and a mist the busy-ness of getting out the door, recognize how grateful I am to be in school. To take a moment to really appreciate this gift to self- taking a ‘time-out’ to learn, to excel (or fail), to challenge myself. The thought goes: “I really love that I’m in grad school right now“.

Moments later I am fighting with a banking institution over their egregious error. Frustration that could last the day is contained just to an hour (or any other time I brought it up 😉 ).

A sweet friends brings individual bags of home-made cookies to class. Just because. I swoon and happily munch away them money woes.

A few of us skip out on a review, instead choosing to enjoy one of the first, true days of spring. Warmth on our faces, plenty of people watching, and another “oh yah, I am loving this [grad] life” moment.

A few hours later, I’m ready to pull my hair out over a powerpoint for a final group project. Yes, I’m being overly concerned, yes I am the only one stressed out, but it still manages to eat at me.

Arrive home to a seasonably warm apartment, and find a long lost show to rewind with.

A call comes in, Mom fell (second time this week) and I quickly leave to help out.

Thankfully Mom seemed to be ok, and after being checked out by professionals was allowed to stay home tonight. Both on the ride to and from my parents I notice the clarity of my thinking. Yet, noticing how silly it seemed to be so annoyed at a bank or powerpoint, when hours later, the ‘more’ hit.

This is just a day. I thought to myself. Not even “one of those days”, this is just a day that fits my norm right now. Glee, gratitude, grace, love, laughter, concern, worry, frustration, stress, appreciation, exhaustion. They exist independently and concurrently.

And yet, there is no desire to fight this. No pressure to find another way. Because it’s just a day. Just one of the types of my day.

Fall into bed. And sleep.

And beginning again.


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