Happy Mother’s Day, to me

I was not looking forward to this day. It was the midst of finals season at school, with every last paper to write, groups to meet, and exams to be taken. In addition, home was chaotic. While I wanted to be there, it felt as if every aspect of life was pulling me in a bad way.

Yet, two beautiful and simple moments turned a day I slowly began to dread to one of silent bliss.

I had no idea what to get Mom this year. My Christmas gifts had fallen a bit flat, and there wasn’t an easy ‘need’ to fill. I decided on some lovely two- toned tulips. When I arrived at the house, Mom was watching TV with A, our aide. Starting to fall asleep, Mom wasn’t really phased by the holiday. Yet, A kept saying “How nice. Look K, look how nice. She brought you flowers, say thank you”. Mom’s “thank you” struck me as I thought “well I’ll be….that’s like a Happy Mother’s day to me!”


Later in the day we went to Mom’s friends for dinner. There our family friend was asking about my summer plans, when she turned and said to my mom “Look at Katie, hanging out with all these movers and shakers”. My Mom leaned and said, “who”? As our friend pointed to me, Mom turned to look at me with the broadest smile, one I hadn’t seen in ages. Again, a happy Mother’s day for me.

After dinner and before the favorite dessert of ice cream, we ladies went for a walk. I held back at first to catch my breath, and then captured this:

Sweet mother's day

Sweet mother’s day

There were 5 of us on a walk. Just part of the journey and a sliver of a reminder…it takes a village, not only to raise a child but to raise up each and every one of us. I know that my Mom has done that for me, my sister, and countless others. I just hope we can do the same for her.

To all the mothers and the motherly in this world- may you feel the love of community not just on your day, but everyday. Thank you. 


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  1. Once again, I’m struck by how you can capture beauty and joy in every moment, especially those moments that often the most difficult.

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