Best of…DIY!

I love a great do it yourself project. I’m not the craftiest of persons, but I do love these fabulous tricks, DIY, or homemade creations as you may call them. While every now and again I find a goo one, I thought I might share them with all of you!

Do it your self awards (starting with the first three I have used for years and the last three all discovered this past month!)

  1. Cleaning product: I love the more natually side of products, but I also want it to work. I want it be working as hard as I am attack the soap scum! This concoction of vinegar and baking powder does wonders for stuck on foods for a kitchen surface to toothpaste in the bathroom. I put mine in a small spray bottle and get to work.  You can also create a similar solution to clean your oven in a healthy, non-toxic way.
  2. Yogurt: This one I learned about a year after my time in FrancisCorp. Truth be told, had I know about it beforehand, we certainly would have been eating this then! Fresh, homemade, less bitter yogurt- yes please! Now with this one, patience is key! It takes a few batches to get your yogurt to the thickness you want, but well worth it.
  3. Plant Food: Every gal loves a nice bunch of fresh flower. But nothing is sadder than seeing them wilt by day two. By taking a little vinegar and sugar, you can feed your flowers to last as long as two weeks!
  4. Hair-cuts: Recently I was out with some grad school gal pals. I comment on T’s new hair cut. Looking for my own new do, I asked where she got it done. She told me “I did it myself”. As I said, “whaaat?” our other friend B also said “Yah, I cut my own hair too”. Well, I just had to try it. And this chick guided me the whole way (and I also love how I can rock out to a great Broadway musical during a tutorial vid 😉 ). TRY IT!
  5. Fruit fly traps: This is one of my newer finds, but I love it oh so much. I’m not sure if it is because I always have a stack of banana hanging out for smoothies or that I live in a 120 year old space, but man those fruit flys are pesky. When my dear friend Jane from Spain posted this, I was in heaven!
  6. Gar-scrap-ening: It’s not gardening, it’s not composting, it’s growing food from scraps. Say what?! As my mother’s child, I have a fairly black thumb. I try gardening, growing food from my window boxes, and I’m just not all that successful. I keep trying, and maybe one day I will get it. But this trick, both as a frugal grad student, and foodie makes me thrilled. The first 3 are pretty stinking easy, and I’m having great success with the first 2 I have tried!

What do you think? Are you game to trying the cleaning wonder or going to take the big dive and trim your hair?


My garden of scraps, fruit fly trap and my handy cleaning solution!

Share your other favorite do-it-yourself wonders!


What do YOU think?

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