No regrets

No regrets.


No regrets means living fully.

No regrets is embracing the adventure.

No regrets means reflecting on the past AND moving forward.

No regrets is finding joy in every place you can.


No regrets is more than living without mistake. It’s nearly the antithesis- it is believing, baring, and barreling through the missteps.

It’s continuing the journey despite the hard times and alongside sorrow. No regrets means having faith while surrendering control.

It’s the father of wisdom. It’s the financier of betting on yourself. It’s the constant cheerleader, the one who never misses a game. It’s the hard-worker, who reminds us the importance of practice. It’s the essence present, when all else has evaded.

No regrets means living this life without overdependence on the errors of the past. Thus, no regrets takes us ordinary beings and drives us to our best self. One absolutely worth being.


What do YOU think?

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