Of normalcy

I cross the intersection and glance at a window facing the street. A figure is jumping up and down, waving frantically at me despite the strong glare. I see it is my friend, Kathleen.

I enter the building, grab a glass of my favorite fruit infused water. I stroll over to another office, greeting another soul. Despite our conversations, I cannot recall her name and it is well beyond on the point of decency to ask. But she asks about me, my family, our lives and my work. She is another ray of light.

With such pleasantries, who could believe I am about to enter a life changing meeting regarding my parent’s health?

I know I am blessed. Not just for the amazing family I have or the way in which I grew up, but even in the shit that is the now, that there are these moments of grace. My friend handing me contrabanded chocolate from her desk, or another asking how my “Seth” is…an homage to my boyfriend, who is both ingeniously funny and a stand-in for a famous comedian. Its the knowing smile with the nod of understanding that we need to discuss anything else, but the real reason that we are here.

These small interactions brings normalcy. It’s people who understand the stress of this disease, who care enough to ask, to voice the tough questions, but also let me feel the real world. In a place as dank as a cancer center, their spirit fills the room, especially when they are jumping up and down to greet me. They offer 30 seconds of order. Of jubilant energy. Of hope. All while arranging the care necessary to fight one of the worlds most aggressive diseases.

But without that ineffable spirit…it would not be the same at all.


**** Thank you Kathleen and dearest name-forgotten friend!


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