Christmas Memories

As I have mentioned, I have been clutching to mementos. I clutch to
Mom’s locket with pictures of sis and I as babies. I grab ash trays I
will never use but love the story behind them. And recently going
through clothes that no longer fit Mom, I grab one sweater.

I have this vivid memory of Mom at our family friend’s house one
winter evening, actually Superbowl Sunday. She is in a gorgeous long
skirt, wearing soft and flattering sweater. Many times this memory
has morphed Mom into having long flowing hair, and I can see myself in

I grab this sweater and love the coziness and connection it brings me,
loving to tell the story that it is much more than knitted cotton, at
least to me.

While going through old home videos, I catch one Christmas recording I
haven’t seen in years. I’m watching the toddler versions of ourselves
both Christmas morning and in the evening when the family came over. I
laugh at my childhood confusion of a 2 year old as I sob when all the
gifts are gone and I do not understand.

And then, in the frame is Mom. She is handed a gift from my Aunt Dee.
Mom opens it and swoons “thank you, it is so lovely!”

And its the sweater.

Her sweater….and now mine.

What’s even more wonderful, is the connection this also brings to my
aunt, who died when I was 12 years old. This sweater has family and
Christmas history for me.

I watch my Mom walk around, twenty years younger, kissing my cousins and aunts and uncles,
wishing them a Merry Christmas and she handing them gifts. I
remember how she was. Who she really is…and remember how much I love
seeing her in this way.

So. Thank, you. It is indeed so lovely.


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