Be slow, icy conditions ahead.

“It’s bad out there. I put salt down but be slow and be careful”.

A few wise words from my land’mama and friend. We had a small ice storm in the morning. I slept poorly and was rushing around to do “all the things that had to get done”. Work. Oil change. Doctors phone calls for parents. Call the pharmacy. Call the garage. Speak with the boss. Etc.

Yet, when I got the email at noon I thought, “hmm, maybe this is one of those moments where being slow means more than just don’t slip on the ice”. I need to breathe. I need to take a step back, and despite all the stress in my life, try to make sure it I can still find me in the rain, in the slippery and depressing points of life.

So whether it is the proverbial ice patches or the literally ones out my door, I hope by slowing down, being patient and being in the moment will help me weather these storms.

What do YOU think?

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