I don’t ride on coattails.

Squalls of impending change. That is the moment I am in!

Schools is ending, a major shift in the way I spend my time. While I have yet to lock in my future plans, I know what I don’t want. I won’t fail to follow my own.

A good friend today asked me to join in on her plans. It was to move away, start fresh in a new city. My reaction was expected “You know that I can’t”, referring to my parents. She offered a compromise, and I said no.

But what was this really? The truth- this wasn’t my dream. 

While I may not have been able to articulate this as clearly in the past, I proudly know that I have never done this- made a change that wasn’t my own. I didn’t follow a breaking relationship 3000 miles away, I didn’t take a ‘good enough’ job at an organization I love. I didn’t choose my place to study abroad based on friends’ choices.

And the same is true today. I want to live out my dream. However unplanned, frightening, and winding it may be. And while this might take daily courage and weekly doses of fortitude, it’s the only way I want to go.

My way. However it goes.


What do YOU think?

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