May 20, 2015

8:39 PM Wearing clothing too light for this cool night, slipping on flip flops, I walk out the door.

One neighbor is mowing his lawn, another enjoying a backyard fire. A third, me, nearly walks into a sprinkler, lost in her own thoughts.

I am walking to escape. To let the steam of emotion out.

I have done it. I have made it to the hurdle

When Dad was diagnosed on that stifling day 15 months ago, I just hoped he could make it to this day. Sure, of me, for my Sis, for my Mom, and for him,

And in some strange way, maybe I thought 15 months would prepare me. We weren’t given a solid understanding of time, but we’re told it would be somewhat quick. Consciously I know I will never be ready to say goodbye to my parents, but graduation was one ending in sight. In hope, I just crossed my fingers that this other wouldn’t happen before commencement.

I realize I’m not even thinking, I’m just being. Walking, silently hoping to process out the last few days. But I can’t certain things can’t be rushed.


What do YOU think?

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