Cousin moments

There are moments in life that tug at the heartstrings. And ones that I experience where my gratitude just soars in.

I am the youngest of 11 cousins. And the majority are nearly 20 years older than myself. Growing up, my Christimases were amazing, so many older cousins to play with and entertain me. But even by the time I was 5, the were less and less around, staying with significant others, or having moved out of state. I always missed that interaction with my cousins.

In the last few years, that connection has been renewed. My one cousin and I emailed about financial information and investing. We both love it and are self taught. And he knows that I miss doing this with my own father. We are a full country away, but send this information to each other!

Another cousin has a sweet 2 year old daughter and she has brought life and youth back into our family. I have stopped by there house just to play with her on multiple occasions.

Another cousin, we email about crappy sleep patterns!

Yet another, we had a conversation until 4 am in the morning after my sister’s wedding. Bonding about life, family, and all the hard things.

I sit here, so incredibly grateful for my family. Do we met up every year in one centralized location? No. But I am so grateful for the bonds that have developed and renewed over time. How much I need this.

What do YOU think?

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