Perspective in crossing

“There isn’t time for a hike”, says the ‘productive‘ often dominant corner of my mind. But the sun was peaking out from a sky becoming more mired in grey clouds, and the for the foreseeable future, rain was in the forecast. “Come on” I said to only myself, “everything you need to get done can be done in the next rainy days”.

Off I went to a wooded walking path in my town. 20 minutes, I convinced myself. Then you’ll get back to your to-do list.

Below is a photo of what it looks like the first around. I looked at this crossing knowing I wanted to be deeper in the woods but I can’t see how to get across this without becoming wet.


So around I went. Walking, breathing, thinking, just being in the beauty. When my mind rushed to the next things to do today “No, I said. Be here. Be in the woods and in THIS moment”. Why wish away our lives?

20 short minutes later I came to the other side of this creek. I could see the small, stone path in the upper right of the photo that I hadn’t seen before. What had changed?

A matter of perspective-  the stone path was so clear, so easy to now see.

In life, we often come to crossing we feel we cannot manage or cross. But with a bit of time, and pivoting our understanding of the challenge ahead, we see a new path. A new way across.

With these two elements, I no longer had to forge an unknown trail, but rather step on a few well placed stones that someone ahead of me on this path, had laid down. Suddenly, from a new angle, how simple it all seemed. And what a triumph I felt!

Perspective. So important, so crucial and how easily I could overlook you.
May my steps me guided, my travels light. May I remain true to this moment, placing my mind with my body in the present and not so far ahead in the future. Amen. 

What do YOU think?

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