Being lost and being in the now  



It’s ok to be lost. Because I want a journey, an adventure, a love, of a lifetime.


I let go of the distraction of a false & temporary security now for the unplanned path- the inspired life.


Anxiety rises up.


I meet her. Observe her. BUT I am not her. She appears because I’m birthing forth this new way of living- one more from the soul & intuition – not from my beautiful, logical mind. You may appear, I will welcome you- but you will not be given center stage. Nor do I think you will be a constant companion.


I step forward with a bit of trepidation- but mostly excitement.


I stick my feet in the green wet grass of growth, grounding me. Earth beneath my soles. In this moment, (this one now), here. I’m not lost. I’m right where I need to be.


Only this step matters. Not what I think today the ultimate destination may be- that may change. So I remain present to the now, this is the moment, the only one that matters. This step is what I am called forth for- let go of all else.


This love. This radical self love, it’s eternal. It’s for me.

What do YOU think?

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