All of these


All. All of these things are you.

Your name. One of our favorite topics to discuss. 3 blocks from where you worked, where you slept that night, what made an impact on your career and life. And the big, red stop, the moving on… and huge affect on our life. 

All of these things are you.  Whether I want them to be or not. Whether you wanted them to be or not.

And that is not all of you. You are so much more.

Reflector, writer, surmiser, father, son, friend, uncle, nephew, brother-in-law-who-was-really-more-like-a-brother, giver, speaker, historian, statistician, pray-er, teacher, athlete, runner, leader. And more.

There are even aspects of you that you sought to change and you let us witness that. Showing us that it is not weakness to grow, to strive. And it is not wrong to be imperfect. And it is good to recognize and honor our shortcomings.

Dad, I miss you. More than words will ever express. Some days, it is all fine. Others, the flood of “I miss you”‘s must, just must, be shed.

But I’m learning. There is no schedule to this time. There is no checklist for grief. And in these moments I find you.

But I also find myself.

I miss you, perhaps forever and always. And today, Happy Valentine’s Day, Dad.

What do YOU think?

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